Central Government

There is a continued drive to transform public sector delivery to optimise outcomes whilst evidencing robust value for money.

Sector trends & challenges

  • Scrutiny on public spending

    There will be renewed scrutiny on business cases across the sector, with new programmes needing to demonstrate compelling business cases and taxpayer value. Existing budgets are also likely to come under increasing pressure to deliver rapid efficiencies.

  • Operating efficiencies and new ways of working

    The Civil Service will continue to seek its own operational efficiencies, including locational efficiencies from real estate and people relocations, and digital-enabled transformation to deliver more online ways of working.

  • Implementation excellence

    Transformation programmes will come under increased scrutiny to deliver tangible results and avoid typical project slippage. Intelligent client and implementation capability will be at the heart of successful outcomes delivery.

Sector rating profile

Central Government

COVID-19 has resulted in an unparalleled peacetime increase in government spending. How the post-COVID economic recovery effort will manifest itself in public sector expenditure is unclear, with stimulus measures potentially combined with savings programmes in some areas. In any event, there will continue to be increasing scrutiny on business cases across all public spending to ensure they deliver value for money to the taxpayer.

Government intervention in stressed and distressed sectors is likely to remain a feature of the economic landscape to protect outcomes delivery – including insourcing and re-procurement programmes. Finite resources and public scrutiny require robust analysis, supported by a thorough evidence base.

As well as immediate spending to support the economy, longer-term capital expenditure will remain a key part of the UK recovery. A number of large-scale infrastructure programmes are either under consideration or development – all of which will require careful and ongoing support to make tough choices, keep complex programmes on track and deliver high quality outcomes and value for money.

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